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Pipes are laid in a bed of sand in order to protect them against mechanical loads emanating from external influences orpressure changes.

To fill the pipe zone, granular unbound or hydraulically bound construction materials may be used. The fill material must be compactable and must not contain any constituents that would damage the pipe.

According to DIN EN 1610, construction materials for the bedding should not contain any constituents that are larger than 22 mm (DN ≤ 200) or 40 mm (DN > 200 to DN ≤ 600). According to DVGW W400-2, construction materials must not have any detrimental effect on the pipe material or the groundwater.

DVGW Guideline W400-2 specifies that the pipe must be embedded in sand or fine gravel.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Excavated soil can be reused if it is compactable
  • Cost streamlining due to material saving
  • SIMONA® PE 100 RC-Line / PE 100 SPC RC-Line pipes are resistant to point loads and linear loads


SIMONA® PE 100 or PE 100 RC-Line pipes are suitable for open laying with a sand bed.

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