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Satya Prakash Dwivedi, SIMONA India Pvt. Ltd.

There is renewed interest in India on the part of investors. The country's new government is implementing reforms, economic growth has recovered after bottoming out, inflation is falling and the current account deficit is shrinking. However, crumbling infrastructure remains a major stumbling block for creating a solid base for industry. Modernising that infrastructure is a huge challenge - SIMONA products can be useful in the process.

A massive infrastructure programme has already been launched. Over the next few years, almost $1,000 billion will be poured into improvements to roads, ports, airfields and power stations.

SIMONA has been active on the subcontinent for many years. Higher investment in infrastructure and the expansion of the chemicals industry promise strong growth potential for our core products. Our fields sales representatives in India are offering the full range of semi-finished PE and PP parts, pipes and fittings to clients in the chemical process, semiconductor and power generation industries.

Over the coming years, India plans to invest more than $1,000 billion in infrastructure projects.
SIMONA products can play an important part in infrastructure expansion, e. g. in the form of non-corrosive protective-jacket pipes for bridge cables.
To support the expanding sector of health care provision in India, SIMOLIFE presents a broad array of products for orthopaedic engineering.

In future, the range will be expanded to include fully fluorinated plastics. Thanks to the involvement of specialists from the Technical Service Centre in Germany, plastics processing companies will benefit from excellent support when it comes to the selection of materials, structural aspects and project planning.

However, SIMONA also hopes to exploit fresh application areas through innovative products. New SIMOWOOD sheets made of Resysta® will be introduced to the Indian construction industry during 2015. The SIMOLIFE product range will also help the company gain a foothold in the health care sector, another field with significant potential. SIMOLIFE offers a wide selection of materials for use in the production of orthoses and prostheses.